China’s targeting of overseas students stifles rights

New chilling report out today from Amnesty International. The full report can be downloaded as a pdf at the link below. My own comment: It’s worth delving into the psychology of why so many Chinese officials and police officers actually seem to enjoy carrying out all this pointless harassment on behalf of their Great Leader and his Party.–Magnus Fiskesjö,

Source: Amnesty International (5/13/24)
China: “On my campus, I am afraid”: China’s targeting of overseas students stifles rights

Chinese and Hong Kong students studying abroad are living in fear of intimidation, harassment and surveillance as Chinese authorities seek to prevent them engaging with “sensitive” or political issues. This climate of fear on campuses in Europe and North America is the result of Chinese authorities’ transnational repression against overseas students, in violation of their human rights. The chilling effect engendered by these efforts prompts broad self-censorship in academic and social settings, and many affected students experience loneliness, isolation and negative mental health impacts.

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