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Call for Papers: Race and Representation in Chinese and Sinophone Literature and Culture
Modern Language Association 2025

Although there has been significant scholarship on how the racial construction of Asians, Japanese, or Chinese in an area studies context, it has largely focused on a specific nation-state and often a specific ethnic minority, other studies have focused on Asian settler-colonialism or the representations of race in the Japanese empire or specific racial formations or diasporas, most often North American diasporas While there are clear reasons for organizing studies in these ways, these methodologies do not allow for drawing out resonances and connections that may exist outside of the lines drawn between area studies and ethnic studies, or between studies confined to specific regions.

In addition, the majority of studies of race in East Asian are historical or anthropological. There is significantly less work that has been done on representations of Asian racial formations in literature and culture. Much of the scholarship that exists focuses either on racial formations in a diasporic context, or how Asians are constructed in a Western context. This panel welcomes applications about racial passing, race relations, and racial ambiguity, and other topics related to representations of race within Chinese and Sinophone literatures.

Description & Requirements:
Please submit 200 word abstracts for topics related to race and its representation within Chinese and Sinophone literature and media. Please submit abstract and brief bio by March 20, 2024 to <ciwasaki@ualberta.ca>

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