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Online Lecture: “Include Me Out”: Mobility, Cosmopolitanism, & the Transpacific, Transmedia Encounters in Eileen Chang
By Ying Xiao, Associate Professor on Chinese Film and Media (University of Florida)
Global Asia Speaker Series
March 18, 2024  |  6 pm CT/ 7 pm ET  |  Virtual

This talk examines and reconsiders Eileen Chang and the adaptations and derivative creativities associated with her from a transpacific, transmedia, and intercultural perspective. Revolving around “Lust/Caution,” Xiao’s study interlaces and remaps the Eileen Chang phenomenon from the original fiction by Eileen Chang (1977) to Ang Lee’s film adaptation (2007) and popular digital culture’s reincarnation and celebration of Chang as the “Goddess of Run” during the crisis of the post-COVID era. The mobility, exile, and transpacific, cosmopolitan imagination of Eileen Chang provide a vantage point to investigate and reread her in the context of transnational cultural production but also as nexus, hyperlink, and method for varied authors, film auteurs, and contemporary users to reinvent and cultivate multifaceted globalism and cross the boundaries between continents, languages, texts, images, and media.

Dr. Ying Xiao is an associate professor of global Chinese studies and film and media studies at the University of Florida. She is the author of China in the Mix: Cinema, Sound, and Popular Culture in the Age of Globalization (2017) and has published articles on neoliberalism and Chinese film industry, hip hop culture, Chinese rock ‘n’ roll film, documentary and transcultural media production, translation and film dubbing, Hong Kong cinema, and the representation of Chinese and Chinese cities in Hollywood film.

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