The Peony Pavilion in HK

Experience the entire kun opera classic The Peony Pavilion the way author Tang Xianzu originally intended. After years of planning, the Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe is presenting the Hong Kong debut of the faithfully restored, complete 55-scene saga at the Hong Kong Arts Festival. Structured into three parts and performed over two days, this jewel of the kun opera genre reveals renewed perspectives into the wider social landscape of the Song dynasty, transforming the familiar love story into an unforgettable tale of oppression and emancipation.

A Rotating Poetic World

Explore the ethereal world of The Peony Pavilion through a rotating set design that seamlessly transports the audience from one scene to the next. This unique design also heightens the dreamy landscape of the production, filled with innovative visual effects.

A Multi-generational Collaboration

The Peony Pavilion features a legendary creative team, kun opera masters from several generations and award-winning artists. With Wang Renjie and Guo Xiaonan faithfully reinterpreting the original script, National First-Class Performers Luo Chenxue and Hu Weilu lead the show as Du Liniang and Liu Mengmei.

Part One

The epic tale begins by exploring Du Liniang’s life and desires for love and freedom, as she clashes against societal norms.

Part Two

Du Liniang and Liu Mengmei begin their quest across the boundaries of life and death to find each other.

Part Three

The classic magnum opus concludes by revealing the broader social context of the story through various scenes rarely seen on stage.

Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe—
The Peony Pavilion (Complete Version)

Part 1 | 2 Mar | 19:15 |        Sold Out            
Part 2 | 3 Mar | 14:00 |  Almost Sold Out    
Part 3 | 3 Mar | 19:15 | Limited Tickets Left

Grand Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre

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