Thirty Years of the Internet in China

Thirty Years of the Internet in China: A Retrospective
February 2, 2024, 8:30am-3:30pm

Perelman Center for Political Science and Economics, Suite 416, 133 S. 36th St, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Jointly organized by Center on Digital Culture and Society and Center for the Study of Contemporary China, University of Pennsylvania.

Zoom option available for invited guests, and for the public during Panel 3.


9:00-10:20 am

Chair: Guobin Yang
Ke Angela Li – Ethnographers and the Digital Industry in China: Beyond Access Barrier
Kaiping Chen – Computational Methods in Chinese Internet Studies – An Overview and Looking Ahead
Min Jiang – Chinese Internet Policies: Historical Reflections and New Research Directions
Discussant: Yang Zhang, American University

10:30-11:50 am

Chair: Jongyoon Baik
Jingyi Gu – Rethinking Intimate Sociality and Its Problem of Scale in Digital China
Michel Hockx – Community and Industry: The Development of Online Literature in the PRC
Junyi Lv – The Texture of China’s Green Public Culture Online
Discussant: Thomas Chen, Lehigh University

11:50-12:30 pm Lunch

12:30-1:45 pm (CSCC public roundtable)

Chair: Jacques deLisle
Shaohua Guo – Navigating the Digital Frontier: Three Decades of Cultural Production
Rongbin Han – From Empowering Internet to Resilient Authoritarianism: The Past, Present and Future of Cyber Politics in China
Elaine Yuan – Platform Studies and Its Discontents

2:30-3:30 pm

Chair: Michel Hockx
Sara Liao – Technocultures of Feminism: Popular Media and Gender Politics in Digital China
Cara Wallis – Social Media and Marginalized Voices in Neo/non-Liberal China
Angela Wu – E-Government and the Politics of Platforms/Pingtai in China
Discussant: Jing Wang, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Concluding Discussions

Additional essay contributors: Matt DeButts (Stanford University), Jun Liu (University of Copenhagen), Gianluigi Negro (Siena University), Jennifer Pan (Stanford University), Jack Qiu (Nanyang Technological University), Gabriele de Seta (University of Bergen), Florian Schneider (Leiden University), Wei Wang (Shanghai Jiaotong University), Angela Wu (New York University), Jian Xu (Deakin University), Hu Yong (Peking University), Haiqing Yu (RMIT University), Ge Dino Zhang (City University of Hong Kong), Lin Zhang (University of New Hampshire), Weiyu Zhang (National University of Singapore)

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