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There’s been a stream of reports and discussions after Agnes Chow gave interviews to Japanese media in Japanese and in English. Here’s the Japanese interview.

Part 2 in Japanese, free with registration.

See here for the English interview (NHK).

In the stream of news about the drama of the last few days, this article in the Diplomat nicely sums up the significance of Hong Kong police’s disgusting treatment of Agnes Chow. This piece includes a photo by Agnes Chow of the pitiful exhibit she was forced to see in Shenzhen.

The Collective HK in its podcast invented the term of “being vacationed” (被旅行):

In addition to the BBC News report posted here a few days ago, these articles are also good:

I’m Concerned about My Personal Safety” (The Guardian)

Agnes Chow departure ‘challenges rule of law,’ Hong Kong police say” (Nikkei Asia)

Beijing tightens its political grip on Hong Kong” (NPR)

Hong Kong leaders vows to pursue self-exiled activist Agnes Chow” (Hong Kong Free Press)

My own article in Swedish. I also write about Tsang Chi-kin, the less fortunate young activist who was shot in the chest by police, survived, and then hid in the city for two years before apprehended while trying to flee the city. He was recently put up for a confessional video. All reported on here.  and here.

The HK police semi-anonymous youtube channel for fascist police propaganda is here (as usual, this is permitted on youtube without question), is here.

Ps. Meanwhile, the HK government’s ever more pitiful press release, declaring they’ll pursue Agnes Chow forever, will live in infamy:

–What else is good on this latest revival of the forced confessional in China?

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