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Please consider submitting a paper to a seminar I have proposed for the American Comparative Literature Conference (March 14-17, 2024):

Cultural Production and Curation (or The Curation of Culture)

I am interested in understanding the ways cultural production is framed for and by all of us. Curation is often associated with art and film. But we are all curators now. We are all in the position of curating from a vast array of curated works and media.

“In a discussion of governance in the Analects, Confucius notes how the important anthology of poetry, ‘the Book of Odes,’ numbers three hundred and can be summarized in one phrase: “Thought without evil.” Socrates in The Republic questions the appropriateness of certain stories in the education of the guardians of the republic: “Would that which does not harm do evil?” Thus philosophy frames art and literature as forms of cultural production conducive to the good of the state. Marshall McLuhan’s readings hypothesize cultural production as a new form of fragmented technology that included freudian censors to dampen the blow of the shock of new media. Jean Baudrillard may have been premature in his claims of superseding marxist production. Production, reproduction, wages, and land rent continue to be concerns within new media. Nevertheless, cultural production has gone far beyond fragmentation to forms of dispersed distribution and consumption. Cultural production has largely become data . . .”

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