Chinese delegation all in for Russian invasion (1)

Wang Fang the ‘opera singer’ and her husband the propagandist are doubling down on their support for the bloody Russian invasion of Ukraine. Traveling in the illegally annexed areas of Ukraine occupied by the aggressor, Russia, they now come out and copy Putin’s genocide propaganda directly, calling the heroic Ukrainian defenders ‘Nazis’ and insinuating Ukraine is killing its children — this while the International Criminal Court has issued a formal indictment of Putin for stealing Ukraine’s children, as in genocide.

As long as China’s own government does not immediately reject and withdraw these gross propagandists, it must be assumed that China’s government itself is officially behind this, and the signal they are sending is that China is the ally of fascist Russian aggressor in its illegal invasion, “no limits” as Xi said, so now they are the self-chosen enemy of Europe, the world, and of the UN charter.

We also note that genocide is what China is doing at home, including against the children, in their own simultaneously ongoing genocide that is aiming to erase the Uyghur people.

Wang Fang’s and her husband’s inability to care about either genocide, them choosing instead to go celebrate with the aggressor, is a sad testimony to how huge swaths of Chinese people, lacking true news, just slide defenselessly into the regime propaganda, much like the Nazis under Hitler, or Russians under Stalin or now Putler.

Magnus Fiskesjö <>

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