MLA Modern and Contemporary Chinese 2024–cfp

Dear MCLC list members,

The executive committee of the MLA’s Modern & Contemporary Chinese forum invites proposals for sessions to be sponsored by the forum for the 2024 MLA annual convention (Jan. 4-7, Philadelphia). Possible formats include panels (three presentations and a presider), roundtables (more open discussion of broader issues), workshops (focused e.g. on professional development or professional proficiencies), and working groups (directed towards a larger collaborative project, with brief presentations and lots of discussion). More information about proposing a session is available here: Please note that each year our forum can only sponsor up to five sessions. Forum-sponsored sessions do not have guaranteed acceptance by the MLA. The MLA also requires all participants on a proposed session to be MLA members before the session proposal can be considered for acceptance. To submit a proposal or if you have any questions, please contact Liang Luo (, current chair of the LLC Modern & Contemporary Chinese Forum. Please submit proposals by January 31, 2023 for consideration for forum sponsorship.

Nicolai Volland

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