MCLC 34.2

We are pleased to announce publication of Modern Chinese Literature and Culture, vol. 34, no. 2 (2022), a special issue on “Taiwan and Hong Kong’s Global Connections.” Find the table of contents below, with links to abstracts. See here for information on how to subscribe.

Natascha Gentz and Christopher Rosenmeier, Editors

Table of Contents
Volume 34, Issue 2, December, 2022

Note from the Editors, by Natascha Gentz and Christopher Rosenmeier
34(2), pp. v–vii
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Beyond Party Politics? Visitors and Meaning-Making in the National Museum of Taiwan Literature, by Emily GRAF
34(2), pp. 241–290

The Making of Small Literature as World Literature: Taiwanese Writer Wu Ming-Yi, by Kuei-fen CHIU
34(2), pp. 291–312

“World Literature” between Transcultural Poetics and Colonial Politics: Yang Chichang, Le Moulin, and Surrealism in Taiwan, by Fangdai CHEN
34(2), pp. 313–344

To Love and Freedom: Post-martial Law Subjectivity in Detention and Your Name Engraved Herein, by Chialan Sharon WANG
34(2), pp. 345–375

From the “Taiwanese Dream” to an Alien Land: The Mainland Writer Zhang Yiwei’s Literary Narratives of Taiwan, by Phyllis Yu-ting HUANG
34(2), pp. 376–400

Queer Remains: Mourning and Inheritance in Lo Yi-chin’s Banishing Sorrow, by Keyun TIAN
34(2), pp. 401–419

Fanning Out Possibilities: Dung Kai-cheung and the Multiplicities of Time, by Meng WU
34(2), pp. 420–444

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