How to Read Chinese Poetry videos

The Advanced Institute for Global Chinese Studies is pleased to launch the HOW TO READ CHINESE POETRY VIDEOS (HTRCPV), a companion program of HOW TO READ CHINESE POETRY PODCAST. As a matter of fact, its first episodes are cross-listed as special video episodes (eps. 37-39) of the Podcast. Unlike the Podcast, HTRCPV does not track Chinese poetry’s historical development but presents episodes in thematic clusters. Due to the much greater technical challenges in producing videos, we will not be able to release episodes at regular intervals. We ask for kind patience from our viewers.

The first episode of HTRCPV has been uploaded to our official YouTube channel. You may click the link to view it:

Taking advantage of ppt charts and animation, this episode shows viewers how to follow the three basic rules of tonal patterning to construct tonally regulated lines, then couplets, and finally quatrains. The episode ends by inviting viewers to write out quatrain tonal patterns on their own.

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