A Conversation with Liu Wai Tong

Poetics and Everyday Resistance: A Conversation with Liu Wai Tong
October 20, 2022, 13:00-14:30

How does poetry arrive at the spot of social events in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan? How is the everyday resistance represented in women poets’ writing? And how does contemporary Chinese poetry intervene in the use of the Chinese language?

In this conversation with poet, writer, and photographer Liu Wai Tong (廖偉棠, pinyin: Liao Weitang), the Centre’s Post-doctoral Fellow Jinyan Zeng and Liu revisit poems written over the past three decades in responding to social movements, social incidents, women poets’ writing, and unofficial poetry initiatives in the Chinese-speaking world.

Webinar, Chinese dialogues with an English translation channel

Registration: https://www.ace.lu.se/calendar/poetics-and-everyday-resistance-conversation-liu-wai-tong

Posted by: Jinyan Zeng <jinyan.zeng@ace.lu.se>

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