Translatability/Transmediality: Chinese Poetry in/and the World

Translatability/Transmediality: Chinese Poetry in/and the World
UC Santa Barbara-Lingnan Symposium
Zoom Meeting: 852 7018 7236
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October 7, 8-10 am PT / 11 am-1 pm ET / 11 pm-1 am GMT +8
Session 1

Yunte Huang and Hangping Xu: Welcome and opening remarks

Haun Saussy: Ways of Reading Worlds in Chinese Poetry

Shengqing Wu: Lyrical Looking and World-Visions in Late Qing Poetry on Overseas Journeys

Xiaorong Li: Globalizing Chinese Sensual-Sentimental Lyricism: Zhou Shoujuan’s Xiangyan Conghua

Chris Song: Failures of Diplomatic Intents in Poetry Translation: On Thomas Francis Wade’s Chinese Translation of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s “A Psalm of Life”

Lucas Klein: Assimilation or Detention: Poetic Form and the Retranslation of the Angel Island Poems

October 8, 8-10 am PT / 11 am-1 pm ET / 11 pm-1 am GMT+8
Session 2

Michelle Yeh: The Russian Imaginary and Modern Chinese Poetry in Taiwan

Nick Admussen: The Poetry Turn: Writing Chinese Cultural Studies Between Empires

Cosima Bruno: Intersections, Interactions, Integrations: Chronological Entanglement of a Chinese Poem

Maghiel van Crevel: China’s Battler Poetry and the Hypertranslatability of Zheng Xiaoqiong

Hangping Xu: Crossing the World to Sleep with You: Yu Xiuhua’s Poetry as Performance and its Cross-cultural Translatability

Jacob Edmond: Literature as Translation: Bei Dao beyond World Poetry

Cohosted by:

Department of East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara, U.S.A.
The Advanced Institute for Global Chiense Studies, Lingnan University, Hong Kong

Sponsored by:

The Carsey-Wolf Center, University of California, Snia Barabe, U.S.A.

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