Paper Republic no. 15

Hey all 500+ of you! (One milestone down!) We’re jumping right into the news in this instalment since it’s a little overdue. Do keep your eyes peeled on the Paper Republic website for a new Read Paper Republic series in the very, very near future. This one is guest-edited and includes some of our favourite Chinese poets and translators.

Extracts, stories and poems:


Reviews and releases:

  • “Shawn Hoo discusses the philosophical and journeying collection from celebrated poet Xi Chuan”, on Asymptote Journal
  • Moving a Stone by Yam Gong, tr. James Shea & Dorothy Tse, is out now!
  • In the Roar of the Machine by Zheng Xiaoqiong, tr. Eleanor Goodman, is out now!
  • Penguin has launched 8 eco-fiction novels, including 2 translated from the Chinese: Last Quarter of the Moon, and The Man with the Compound EyesHere are some quotes from the collection to make you rethink your relationship with the environment
  • Chicago Review of Books names Wang Xiaobo’s Golden Age, tr. Yan Yan, as a must-read book for July. Now July has passed, but the book is very much still available, and you can read about it in the NYT here. It’s a very rare thing for a Chinese book to get a second chance at translation! Here’s an excerpt
  • Mystery Train by Can Xue, tr. Natascha Bruce, is available for pre-order now. From the preface: “The setting for this novella is similar to Dante’s Purgatory … What were people doing in Dante’s Purgatory? It is Can Xue’s opinion that they were all, without exception, engaged in the work of self-revolution.”
  • Graft by Li Peifu, tr. James Trapp, in the Irish Times
  • A Summer Day in the Company of Ghosts by Wang Yin, tr. Andrea Lingenfelter, is out now!
  • A Catalog of Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made On by Dung Kai-cheung, tr. Bonnie S McDougall & Anders Hansson, in the Asian Review of Books
  • New Voices in Chinese Science Fiction is out now!
  • Cocoon by Zhang Yueran, tr. Jeremy Tiang, The Age of Goodbyes by Li Zi Shu, tr. YZ Chin, & The Backstreets by Perhat Tursun (tr. Darren Byler & Anonymous) are on The Millions’ Second-Half of 2022 Most Anticipated list
  • Amy Lau’s Memories Of Old Macau: The Story Of My Childhood, tr. Gigi Lam & Dr. Wai Man Chan out now!
  • Jia Zhangke on Jia Zhangke is available for free download
  • Astrid Møller-Olsen reviews Mo Yan Speaks


  • Read Duncan Poupard on “Ethnic Minority Language and Sinophone Minority Literature in China”
  • A conversation between Chinese translator Zuo Fei and Chinese translation editor Xiao Yue Shan
  • Emily Xueni Jin, who wrote the sci-fi essay for the PR Guide, questions the Chineseness of Chinese sci-fi
  • Lily Meyer on translation style
  • Catch up on the talks from this years BCLT Summer School
  • An interview w/ translator Bruce Humes about his work translating and promoting non-Han Chinese literature

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