ACCL elections: call for nominations

Dear Association of Chinese and Comparative Literature (ACCL) members,

After we have successfully concluded our biennial conference, it is my final responsibility to supervise the election of the next President of our Association. To that end, members can download a nomination form, and would ask that you all consider either nominating yourself, or encouraging colleagues to seek election.

The primary duty of the President is to run the day-to-day affairs of the Association and to help strengthen and deepen our Association’s institutional structure. Aside from that, the President arranges the next biennial conference. The President is supported by the Treasurer, the Communications Director, and the Executive Committee, all of whom are appointed as outlined in our Constitution (to be found on our website).

As you can see from the nomination form, each candidate has to list the names of three members who support her or his nomination. If a potential supporter is not a past member (or is not certain of their membership status), they may still support a nomination by providing a statement that they wish to be considered an ACCL member and intend to participate in future ACCL events.

Nomination forms are due to me ( no later than Tuesday, July 19. After that date, I will confirm the nominations with those who have added their names as supporters. Elections will be called shortly thereafter. Votes will be counted by two members of our Executive Committee, as specified in our Constitution. It is my hope that the election can be completed and the next President announced by mid-August.
候選人提名表格,請於2022年7月19日前寄給本會會長 (。會長確認所有提名之後,將宣佈大選,選舉及數票過程之監督屬本會執行委員之責。新任會長將於本年八月宣佈。

Many of you might have in mind someone whom you think would make a good ACCL President; I encourage you to reach out to such colleagues directly and encourage them to run. If you wish, you may also send nominations directly to me, and I would be glad to contact the person in question.  I am also available to answer any questions you may have about the role of the President, our Association, or about the election process.

Thank you very much, and I look forward to receiving your nominations.


Nicolai Volland 傅朗
ACCL President 本會會長

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