2022 Tang Prize in Sinology

We are pleased and honored to announce Professor Dame Jessica Rawson as the newest Tang Prize Laureate in Sinology.

The 2022 Tang Prize in Sinology is awarded to Professor Dame Jessica Rawson for her gift and mastery of the craft of the visible to read the art and artifacts of Chinese civilization. By giving voice to the ancient world of objects, she has taught generations how to see when they look at things, and her acuity and vast visual learning have given new insight into the world of the lineages, transformations, and migrations of mute things.

For the press release, please visit https://bit.ly/3xGwyFe
To learn more about Professor Rawson, please visit https://reurl.cc/d2o6Yz
To hear Professor Rawson’s reaction to receiving the Prize, please visit https://youtu.be/I-Vv2YZCyZE

Tang Prize in Sinology <sinology@tang-prize.org>

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