Televising Chineseness book talk

Virtual Book Talk (April 21): Dr. Geng Song – Televising Chineseness: Gender, Nation, and Subjectivity
Thursday, April 21, 2022
8:00 p.m. CST
Virtual event held on Zoom. Please register to attend:

This talk, introducing the author’s new book (University of Michigan Press, 2022), will look at the interrelationship between gender ideals and the production of subjects that are both loyal to the party and useful for the market in contemporary China.

By examining a range of new gendered images on the TV screen and in digital entertainment, such as the “bossy CEO,” the “little puppy,” and the “supreme heroine,” this talk will focus on Chinese-style neoliberal gender dynamics and will address a conspicuous paradox in Chinese popular culture today – the coexistence between an increasing diversity of gender presenta­tions and a revival of patriarchy.

Dr. Geng Song teaches in the School of Chinese, University of Hong Kong. He has written extensively on issues such as men and masculinities in China, Chinese television, and Chinese nationalism.

Among his publications are The Fragile Scholar: Power and Masculinity in Chinese Culture (2004); Men and Masculinities in Contemporary China (co-author, 2014); Chinese Television in the Twenty-First Century (co-editor, 2015); and The Cosmo­politan Dream: Transnational Chinese Masculinities in a Global Age (co-editor, 2018). He co-edits a book series on “Transna­tional Asian Masculinities” for Hong Kong University Press.

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