Pirates and Publishers book talk

[ONLINE BOOK TALK]: Pirates and Publishers by Prof. Fei-Hsien Wang

In Pirates and Publishers, Fei-Hsien Wang reveals the unknown social and cultural history of copyright in China from the 1890s through the 1950s, a time of profound sociopolitical changes. Developing multiple ways for articulating their understanding of copyright, Chinese authors, booksellers, and publishers played a crucial role in its growth and eventual institutionalization in China.

On Friday January 21, 2022, please join the online book talk hosted by UBC’s Centre for Chinese Research. The event will feature discussions with Dr. Fei-Hsien Wang on her newly published book— Pirates and Publishers: A Social History of Copyright in Modern China. The book is available for orders here.

Dr. Wang will give a book talk on the history of copyright, and how it was negotiated and protected by authors, publishers, and the state in late imperial and modern China. She will be joined by discussants Jiaqi Yao and Haoyue Li, both Ph.D. Candidates at the UBC Department of Asian Studies. This talk will also be moderated by Dr. Renren Yang, from UBC’s Department of Asian Studies.

Zoom registration page: https://ubc.zoom.us/meeting/register/u50sce2hqzsiGtY4hRXQDvlNDSL9oh-FOUTs

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