Inquiry regarding donation of Chinese books

I am writing on behalf of our family friend who passed away last year and left behind a large collection of Chinese books on Chinese literature, roughly estimated to be about 30-35 boxes.  His family wishes to find a university or individual scholars interested in taking the entire or a subcategory of the entire collection and to donate a significant part of his book collections. He collected Chinese academic books in the field of Chinese history (pre-modern to modern), linguistics (pre-modern to contemporary studies of Chinese dialects), literature (pre-modern, modern, and contemporary), as well as many books on Chinese modern and contemporary fiction, literary criticism, and other titles that would be classified under general cultural studies.  Altogether the collection is more than 1,000 Chinese books.  For those interested in taking only part of the collection, the family will ask for the individuals to cover the delivery cost of the books to be shipped with the USPS media mail rate.

The book collection includes the following subcategories:

A) Modern & traditional Chinese poetry (individual poetry books, anthology & literary criticism) – about 30-35% of the entire collection
B) Chinese literature and history (primary texts) – about 20-25% of the entire collection
C) Contemporary Chinese literature, literary criticism, and cultural studies – about 15-20% of the entire collection
D) Chinese linguistics (specialized dictionaries, dialects studies, classic Chinese, etc.) – about 15-20% of the entire collection
E) Miscellaneous categories (including modern fictions originally published in the 1930s and 40s – about 10% of the entire collection

I’ll be happy to answer any questions.  Thank you for your help!


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Director, Sun & Star Program on Japan and East Asia in the Tower Center
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