China’s global propaganda push

Must-listen new podcast about how the CCP propaganda machine is winning the fight, with its massive resources and flexible strategies, taking advantage of the openness of democracy to reshape the landscape, including doing things like all expenses paid tours for local newspapers, and getting educated young people in places like Australia and the US, to turn against international alliances (this podcast really gets you to see all the “left” Xinjiang denialists in a new light). –Magnus Fiskesjö,

Source: The Little Red Podcast (May 10, 2021)
Let’s get this party started: China’s global propaganda push.


For a Party chosen by history, the CCP spends a lot of money targeting foreign media outlets and governments. In this episode, a panel of researchers discusses why China—or any autocracy—cares what the world thinks of it, and how it tries to shape its global image. We ask whether the CCP’s media outreach and lobbying operations bear fruit, or are readily seen through as clumsy propaganda. This week, Graeme is joined by Louisa and the Little Red Podcast’s researcher Julia Bergin, discuss a survey on China’s global media outreach that they’ve just conducted for the International Federation of Journalists, as well as political scientist Erin Baggott Carter from the University of South California, and Alex Dukalskis from University College Dublin who has just written a book called Making the World Safe for Dictatorship.

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