China in One Village

NEW PUBLICATION: China in One Village: The Story of One Town and the Changing World, by Liang Hong; translated by Emily Goedde
London: Verso, 2021

An unforgettable portrait of the tectonic shifts happening in rural China, told through the microcosm of one small town

After a decade away from her ancestral family village, during which she became a writer in Beijing, Liang Hong started visiting her hometown in landlocked Henan province. What she found was an extended family torn apart by the seismic changes in Chinese society, and a village hollowed-out by emigration, neglect, and environmental despoliation. Combining family memoir, literary observation, and social commentary, Liang Hong’s moving account became a bestselling book in China and brought her fame. China in One Village tells a world-historical story through one clear-eyed observer, one family, and one village.

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