Pyramids were poured in concrete to spite China (1)

[The author of this response to Magnus Fiskesjö’s post of yesterday would prefer to remain anonyomous.–Kirk]

This is a very common phenomenon, I would say. A guy named Du Jiangang even argued that ancient Greece and England were created by different waves of Chinese immigrants. And Du Jiangang also was a Chief Professor of Shantou University and a faculty of the Hunan University law school.

Chinese cultural chauvinism is also present in some serious archaeology and history studies, for example, Su Bingqi, an archaeologist at Peking University and a senior researcher of the Academy of Social Sciences, once declared that Chinese civilization has cultural roots that go beyond one million years. In his《中华文明起源新探》, he wrote that”世界上没有哪一个像中国如此之大的国家有始自百万年前至今不衰不断的文化发展大系……从超百万年的文化根系,到万年前的文明起步,从五千年前氏族到国家的“古文化、古城、古国”的发展,再由早期古国发展为各霸一方的方国,最终发展为多源一统的帝国,这样一条中国国家形成的典型发展道路,以及与之同步发展的中华民族祖先的无数次组合与重组,再到秦汉时代以后几次北方民族入主中原所形成的中华民族多元一体的结构,这一有准确时间、空间框架和丰富内涵的中国历史的主体结构,在世界上是举世无双的。它所提供的对在如此广阔的国土上丰富多彩而又相互联系的文化,作出纵、横发展的“庖丁解牛”式的辩证统一的研究的条件,在全世界也没有哪个国家具备。所以,中国史在世界历史发展进程中是大头。’’ And this book has become one of the most basic and required reading for all students of Chinese archaeology in the past two decades.

BTW, last year, Xi Jinping gave a speech on Chinese archaeology in the 19th Politburo of the Central Committee. Just like Mao’s Yan’an talk, Xi defined the standards and objectives of “archaeology with Chinese special character”. One interesting thing I found in Xi’s speech is that the worldview he tries to conveys is quite similar to what Su Bingqi wrote in his masterpiece.  “我国考古发现的重大成就实证了我国百万年的人类史、一万年的文化史、五千多年的文明史。最新考古成果表明,我国是东方人类的故乡,同非洲并列人类起源最早之地;北京猿人在50万年前就发明人工用火术,为全球最早之一;早在1万年前,我们的先人就种植粟、水稻,农业起源同西亚北非并列第一;我国在乐器、独木舟、水利设施、天文等方面的发明发现也是全球最早或最早者之一。考古成果还说明了中华民族和中华文明多元一体、家国一体的形成发展过程,揭示了中国社会赖以生存发展的价值观和中华民族日用而不觉的文化基因。这些重大成就为我们更好研究中华文明史、塑造全民族历史认知提供了一手材料,具有十分重要的政治、文化、社会、历史意义。” (excerpted from Xi’s talk)

You can find this speech in Xinhua News Agency. Here is the link:习近平:建设中国特色中国风格中国气派的考古学 更好认识源远流长博大精深的中华文明-新华网 (<

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