Independent Film Criticism in China zoom event

CIFA Website Launch Event Series: Independent Film Criticism in China
A Conversation with Bao Hongwei, Wang Xiaolu, Wu Wenguang, and Zhu Rikun, followed by an open Q&A
Moderator: Luke Robinson
16 January 2021
08:00 New York; 13:00 London; 21:00 Beijing

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Attend the meeting via the Zoom link:
Zoom meeting ID: 821 7441 3821

CIFA is interested not just in films but in film culture more broadly. As part of this work, the archive is collecting and promoting Chinese independent film criticism. Our website has four regular critics who produce columns for us: academic Bao Hongwei; film director Wu Wenguang; film director and founder of Fanhall, Zhu Rikun; and critic and scholar Wang Xiaolu. Please access the material here.

Please join Luke Robinson (University of Sussex) and our four columnists on January 16 to discuss their columns, why they write, and the importance of independent film criticism in China.

Simultaneous translation in both English and Chinese will be provided.

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