Open letter in support of Teng Biao

Endangered Scholars Worldwide has launched an open letter, which anyone can sign, in support of Chinese dissident, activist, and rights lawyer Teng Biao — against the harassment that he and his family is facing in the US right now, by extremist elements who also threaten and assault other Chinese people in exile around the world. The open letter is here.

–fwd by: Magnus Fiskesjö,

(ps. My personal view: Nobody seems to know who is really behind the Guo/Bannon stuff, but if it isn’t the Communist Party itself secretly subcontracting this violence along the lines of how they subcontract street mobsters in HK to help the police beat people up with impunity, then I think it certainly must be secretly cheering on it, almost as much as they cheer on Americans beating each other up, like when Mr Bannon threatened to decapitate his fellow American government officials jihadist-style, and put their heads on stakes in DC.)

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