New reports on abuse of women in Xinjiang

About a year ago, Sayragul Sauytbay, a trilingual Kazakh teacher in Xinjiang, escaped China and told the world about the shocking abuse she had seen in its concentration camps, where she had been forced to teach Chinese. It included the humiliation and torture of innocent detainees, and the rape of detained women.

Predictably, the Chinese government launched a smearing campaign against her. They made similar attacks on other survivor-refugees, but it struck me at the time that they were especially vicious in their attacks on her and on other women addressing the Chinese government’s abuse of women in Xinjiang (including for example Zumuret Dawut, Mihrigul Tursun, and other survivors). It was disheartening how even some Westerners (usually, men) also chose to discredit Sayragul Sauytbay and her testimony.

But this testimony on the atrocious abuse of women have been further confirmed by the accounts of other survivors, such as Gulbahar Jelilova, Tursunay Ziyawudun, and others (find them here:

And since then, this summer, incontrovertible evidence was presented that the Chinese government is indeed engaged in a genocidal campaign which includes brutally suppressing births, destroying a generation of Uyghur and other minority children (see f.ex.;!!KGKeukY!gmY9DS4O7K2GYLmxEvxel0ppbB6erAZvD8xfuAP5wDETx3C1cl431h1Nz-xpmPA$  ;;!!KGKeukY!gmY9DS4O7K2GYLmxEvxel0ppbB6erAZvD8xfuAP5wDETx3C1cl431h1N8yMQM44$).

Now, Aug. 17, two deeply shocking new reports emerged with more reports on similar abuse of women, and children:

Qelbinur Sedik, an Uyghur teacher of 28 years, was also forced to teach Chinese in the camps, as well as parroting Chinese communist party songs, and such. Like Sayragul Sauytbay, she tells of torture and cruelty against detainees, including violence against herself that left a deep trauma; and the rapes of women detainees, as well as even worse things:;!!KGKeukY!gmY9DS4O7K2GYLmxEvxel0ppbB6erAZvD8xfuAP5wDETx3C1cl431h1NDnhD7aA$

–Like Sayragul Sauytbay, Qelbinur Sedik will now doubtless be smeared by the cowardly Chinese regime, which just can’t stand that they failed to silence these women. But let’s respect the genocide survivors, and hear their testimony. Qelbinur Sedik, as well as Sayragul Sauytbay, both have books on the way (Sayragul’s is already out in German,;!!KGKeukY!gmY9DS4O7K2GYLmxEvxel0ppbB6erAZvD8xfuAP5wDETx3C1cl431h1NI29R_es$).

Another report is on forced abortions. Hasiyet Abdulla, an obstetrician of 15 years experience now living in exile in Turkey, spoke to the Radio Free Asia Uyghur service to tell us about how Xinjiang hospitals force-abort unborn children, some almost born. The RFA found Chinese public confirmation of this. Hasiyet Abdulla also described how hospitals, under orders from above, kill babies already born, whenever they were spaced less than three years from their sibling. They destroy the babies’ remains, and don’t even hand them to the parents for burial. It is painful to read:;!!KGKeukY!gmY9DS4O7K2GYLmxEvxel0ppbB6erAZvD8xfuAP5wDETx3C1cl431h1N3t_XFsc$

It all seems to confirm Leta Hong Fincher’s observations in her book Betraying Big Brother, on China as a land of “patriarchal authoritarianism” — where the regime now seeks to force Chinese women to have more children, while Uyghur women cannot have theirs. A generation destroyed, whole peoples targeted for elimination.

Everywhere in this tragic nightmare of a genocide is the echo of top Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping’s infamous command: ‘Show no mercy’.


Magnus Fiskesjö

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