Online lit to see tighter regulation

Source: China Daily (6/19/20)
Publication of online literature to see tighter regulation

Serenade of Peaceful Joy (2020), a popular costume drama adapted from an online novel wirtten by Milan Lady. [Photo provided to]

Recently, the National Press and Publication Administration issued a notice on further strengthening the administration of online literature publication.

The notice requires regulating online literature, strengthening the management of online literature publication and guiding the work of related publishers.

It asks for putting a priority on social benefits, bringing more high-quality works to people and promoting the development of online literature in a healthy way.

According to the notice, online literature publishers must strictly implement their responsibilities as main platforms, improve content evaluation mechanisms for online literature, strengthen content assessment, and support the creation of new works.

Meanwhile, the total amount of works published should be controlled. Online literature publication needs improvements in quality. Implementation of a real-name registration system for online literature creators was required by the notice, which also asks for strengthening the dynamic management of rankings and reviews for online works.

The notice requires each level of managing departments in publishing to review the social benefits of online literature publishers. The publishers with good results in these reviews will be awarded and supported, while those failing to meet guidelines will be penalized.

The market will be further regulated, and measures will be taken to punish the works containing improper content as well as their publishers.

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