Ye Yonglie dies at 79

Source: Sixth Tone (5/15/20)
Prolific Science Fiction Writer Ye Yonglie Dies at 79

(Image: People Visual)

Chinese author Ye Yonglie, often described as the country’s answer to the acclaimed American science fiction writer Isaac Asimov, died Friday at the age of 79.

Ye is known for his science fiction prowess, including introducing the genre to young readers. After graduating from the prestigious Peking University with a degree in chemistry, Ye published his famous children’s book “100,000 Whys” at the age of 20, establishing himself as an exciting new arrival to the country’s literary scene.

Born in August 1940 in the eastern city of Wenzhou, Ye started writing at the age of 11. At the time of his death, he had published over 180 works.

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