Xichang holds international theater festival

Source: China Daily (12/2/19)
Sichuan holds international theater festival
By Xu Fan

A performer in traditional Yi ethnic costumes. [Photo provided to China Daily]

When most cities in northern China are shivering in winter cold, Xichang, a city in southwestern Sichuan province, is recording temperature of up to 23 C in November.

It is perhaps fitting that the city decided to hold the Daliangshan International Theatre Festival, the first such event in the world to be held in winter, with some performances held outdoors.

Initiated by 23 artists including actor Pu Cunxin, Yi ethnic poet Jidi Majia, musician Liao Changyong and novelist A Lai, the festival ran from Nov 19 to Dec 1.

Local organizers said the festival exemplifies the city’s effort to explore the new economic development model via blending culture and tourism.

Pu Cunxin, one of the Daliangshan International Theater Festival initiators. [Photo provided to China Daily]

Drawing performers from eight countries, the festival staged around 300 shows in more than 30 theaters as well as held a string of forums, seminars and workshops.

Besides, the festival used local natural attractions, boasting picturesque mountains and lakes, to be part of the shows’ stages.

As Xichang is the capital of Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture, home to the largest population of Yi people in China, the festival has a special part to interweave Yi ethnic culture with some theater plays, making it one of the highlights.

Pu, one of the festival’s initiators, said the festival has raised the city’s brand name by drawing a number of theater play enthusiasts.

Artists at the Daliangshan International Theater Festival. [Photo provided to China Daily]

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