Journal of Digital Humanities–announcement and cfp

Journal of Digital Humanities: Journal Announcement and Call for Proposals

The Journal of Digital Humanities (数字人文, quarterly) is jointly sponsored by Tsinghua University (Beijing) and Zhonghua Book Company (中华书局). Its aim is to provide a publication platform for cultivating digital humanities-related research practices and theory, both in China and internationally.

The journal accepts manuscripts in Chinese or English. Types of manuscript accepted for review include humanities or social science research articles, as well as relevant pieces on digital humanities inside and outside of China such as book announcements and reviews, conference and new project notifications, introductions to important resources such as databases and methods, discussions of digital humanities pedagogy, etc. All scholars are warmly invited to submit manuscripts in accordance with the following guidelines:

  1. Please provide both Chinese and English titles, abstracts, and keywords.
  2. If applicable, please clearly indicate name and serial number of supporting research project or fund.
  3. For Chinese submissions, citation format should follow the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences style guide (See English submissions should follow the Chicago Manual of Style. All notes are put in the format of footnotes.
  4. All graphs and tables should be imbedded directly in the document with captions as regular text. Formatting should be minimal. For publication, graphs must be submitted separately as .jpg, with 300 DPI as the minimal pixel element.
  5. The journal employs a double-blind reviewer system. After initial assessment, the manuscript will be sent to relevant scholars for formal review. If you have not received notification of acceptance within two months of submission, the author(s) are free to submit elsewhere.
  6. The journal reserves the right to request revision. If you are unwilling to revise the original piece, please provide notification at time of submission.
  7. Upon publication, article authors will receive compensation and two copies of the journal issue. The copyright of all pieces published in the journal is shared by the Editorial Board and the author; the use fee of the article is included as part of the article compensation in the form of a one-time payment. If the author does not agree to the Journal’s right of republication, or online dissemination, please provide notification at time of submission.
  8. There is no word limit for submissions. However, the journal promotes substantive and succinct styles of writing that matches strong scholarly standards.
  9. If the piece is in violation of others’ copyrights or individual rights, the author takes full responsibility.
  10. The journal currently accept submissions as .DOC file to When submitting, please attach a brief bio, including e-mail address, phone number, mailing address.

Journal of Digital Humanities Editorial Board
September, 2019

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