13th Special Book Awards of China (1)

Here’s more information on the book awards.

“Translators from Australia, Canada and Russia were among the winners of the Special Book Award of China, which is the highest honour given to international publishing professionals who have made outstanding contributions to the promotion of Chinese literature and culture overseas.  The award was established in 2005, and has been presented 12 times so far. Over the past years, 123 winners from 49 countries and regions have received the accolade. This year’s awards were made to:

• Bonnie Suzanne McDougall from Australia, Laureate Professor of the University of Sydney and translator who has been instrumental in developing young Chinese translators overseas as well as the publication of such books as Letters Between Two: Correspondence Between Lu Xun and Xu Guangping.
• Daniel Bell from Canada, who has pursued an academic career at Shandong University as well as producing monographs about Confucius culture and Chinese politics including The China Model: Political Meritocracy and the Limits of Democracy.
• Yuri Tavrovskiy from Russia, a writer known for his in-depth study of Chinese history and his recent book, Xi Jinping: Governance Thought in Shape, the first book published in Russia about President Xi Jinping.
• Ioan Budura from Romania, a translator who has long been engaged in the promotion of Chinese books and who translated two volumes of Xi Jinping: The Governance of China.
• Fabian Lebenglik from Argentina, president of Adriana Hidalgo Editora who has contributed to the promotion of Chinese literature in the Spanish speaking world.
• Sotiris Chalikias from Greece, translator of texts such as The Analects of Confucius and The Mencius, and acclaimed for his study and translation of classical Chinese philosophy and literature.
• András Sándor Kocsis from Hungary, publisher of dozens of classics of Chinese philosophy, language and reference books, including The Hungary Chinese and Chinese Hungary Dictionary.
• Abbas Kdaimy from Iraq, translator and editor who has worked at the Xinhua News Agency, CRI and CIPG in China, and is responsible for the translation of the first volume of Xi Jinping: Governance of China into Arabic.
• Yuri Pines from Israel, a writer, professor and well-known researcher in the study of traditional Chinese political thoughts and culture.  His titles include Envisioning Eternal Empire: Chinese Political Thought Of The Warring States Era.
• Seken Aday from Kazakhstan, translator and professor known for his promotion of works by scholars of famous Chinese social scientists, such as China’s Leadership in Global Governance.
• Hong Jungsun from Korea, professor and publisher of a number of books on traditional Chinese culture and contemporary literature, whose works include Chinese Modern Literature and Modernisation.
• Leopold Moravcik from Slovakia, a writer and reporter who has created a number of books about China including China on the Long March.

Awards were also made to three young translators and publishers: Yara El Masri from Egypt, Stefan Christ from Germany and Kiran Gautam from Nepal.” http://www.bibf.net/EN/NewsDetail.aspx?Id=152&NID=35&PID=35

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