Revisiting Liaozhai zhiyi

I am glad to announce the publication of the first issue of Ming Qing Studies. Monographs:

Revisiting Liaozhai zhiyi 聊齋誌異

This book is the first of a series of volumes that accompany the annual publication of Ming Qing Studies. The series will publish a volume for each issue, and this is a supplement to MQS 2018. Every volume consists of a focused essay, or collects a few essays on the same topic. Mini-monographs, research reports, and occasional papers of length comprised between 20,000 and 60,000 words are also considered for publication. Monograph n. 1 is:

Revisiting Liaozhai zhiyi 聊齋誌異, by Paolo Santangelo



Morality, retribution and destiny

Evil, malevolent and benevolent forces

Passions, foolishness and obsessions: the ephemeral miracles of desires and their dissolution

  1. The role of qing
  2. Fear and fascination for eroticism
  3. Love beyond discriminations
  4. Fulfilment, decline or interruption of bliss

Extraordinary loves and supernatural ladies. Wise, heroic, selfish and jealous women

  1. Outstanding women
  2. Marriage and family. Female figures and their roles. Exemplary wives, witches and shrews
  3. Pu Songling’s ideas on love

Civil examinations, education, success




Driving Away the Monster
List of tales in the Liaozhai (Zhang Youhe 张友鹤 ed.)

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