Afterlives of Chinese Communism

Dear Colleagues,

We are happy to announce the release of Afterlives of Chinese Communism, a volume that includes essays from over 50 scholars from different disciplines and continents. Without any pretense to exhaust such a broad subject, the book aims to provide a guide for understanding how the intellectual legacies of the Mao era shape Chinese politics today.

Each chapter discusses a concept or practice from the Mao era, what it meant in its historical context, and what has become of it since. The authors respond to the legacy of Maoism each in their own way, considering the lessons we can learn from the communist era today, and whether there is a future for the egalitarian politics that communism once promised.

The book is available for free download with ANU Press, but is also available for purchase in paperback from Verso Books. If you appreciate the initiative and wish to show your support for this kind of innovative publishing model, please consider buying a copy.

The Editors, Ivan Franceschini (, Christian Sorace, and Nicholas Loubere

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