TAP Review (spring 2019)

The spring 2019 issue of the Trans Asia Photography Review is now available online at tapreview.org. (You may need to refresh your browser to view the new contents.) This issue, titled “Circulation,” features the following articles, book reviews, and interviews:


Clare Harris, “Creating a Space for Performing Tibetan Identities: A Curatorial Commentary”

Kevin Michael Smith, “Images Under Construction: Photomontage in Interwar Europe and Japan”

Yiwen Liu, “Witnessing Death: The Circulation of Lu Xun’s Postmortem Image”

Russet Lederman, “Photobooks by Women from Asia: A Conversation with Amanda Ling-Ning Lo, Miwa Susuda, and Iona Ferguson”

Chen Shuxia, Zhou Dengyan, and Shi Zhimin, “Photographic Praxis in China, 1930s-1980: A Conversation with Chen Shuxia, Shi Zhimin, and Zhou Dengyan about Shi Shaohua and the Friday Salon”

Erin Hyde Nolan, “The Gift of the Abdulhamid II Albums: The Consequences of Photographic Circulation”

Stephen Hughes and Emily Stevenson, “South India Addresses the World: Postcards, Circulation, and Empire”

Scott Dietrich and Michael R. Dietrich, “Ernest ‘Chinese’ Wilson’s Re-imagined Legacy in Sichuan”

Leslie A. Castro-Woodhouse, Review of Unseen Siam: Early Photography 1860–1910, by Joachim K. Bautze

Christine I. Ho, Review of Life and Dreams, Contemporary Chinese Photography and Media, ed. by Christopher Phillips and Wu Hung

Please take a look, and spread the word to your networks!

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Sandra Matthews
Editor, Trans Asia Photography Review

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