CLEAR vol. 40

Chinese Literature: Essays, Articles, Reviews, vol. 40


Eugene EOYANG, “CLEAR: A 40-Year Perspective” 1


Thomas MAZANEC, “Righting, Riting, and Rewriting the Book of Odes (Shijing): On ‘Filling out the Missing Odes’ by Shu Xi” 5

YUAN Ye, “Faithful Women in Jin Ping Mei: Literary Borrowing, Adaptation, and Reinterpretation” 33

Maria Franca SIBAU, “Filiality, Cannibalism, Sanctity: Fleshing Out Gegu in a Late Ming Tale of a Filial Girl” 51

CHEN Lei, “Authorship and Transmission in Kong Shangren’s Self-Commentary of the Peach Blossom Fan” 73

Lorenzo ANDOLFATTO, “Futures Enmired in History: Chun Fan’s Weilai shijie (1907), Biheguan Zhuren’s Xin jiyuan (1908) and the Limits of Looking Backward” 107

Nicholas Morrow WILLIAMS, “Chinese Poetry and Its Contexts” 125


Lorraine WONG and Jacob EDMOND 141

Guangchen CHEN, “The Hand, the Gaze, and the Voice: Lu Xun’s Transcription of Ancient Inscriptions” 145

Nicholas Y. H. WONG, “The Imaginative Materialism of Wen in Ng Kim Chew’s Malayan Communist Writing” 163

Jin LIU, “Subversive Writing: Li Xiaoguai’s Newly Coined Chinese Characters and His Comic Blogging” 199


Nicole Elizabeth BARNES, Novel Medicine: Healing, Literature, and Popular Knowledge in Early Modern China, by Andrew Schonebaum 221

Lingchei Letty CHEN, A Passage to China: Literature, Loyalism, and Colonial Taiwan, by Chien-hsin Tsai 224

Lucas KLEIN, Recite and Refuse: Contemporary Chinese Prose Poetry, by Nick Admussen 227

Shuang SHEN, Socialist Cosmopolitanism: The Chinese Literary Universe, 1945-1965, by Nicolai Volland 231

Meow Hui GOH, Imitations of the Self: Jiang Yan and Chinese Poetics, by by Nicholas Morrow Williams 234

Nicolai VOLLAND, Transpacific Community: America, China, and the Rise and Fall of a Cultural Network, by Richard Jean So 239

Haoming GONG, The Edge of Knowing: Dreams, History, and Realism in Modern Chinese Literature, by Roy Bing Chan 242

Jeffrey R. THARSEN, Reading Philosophy, Writing Poetry: Intertextual Modes of Making Meaning in Early Medieval China, by Wendy Swartz 245

Liang LUO, Staging Chinese Revolution: Theater, Film, and the Afterlives of Propaganda, by Xiaomei Chen 249

Katherine CARLITZ, Idle Talk under the Bean Arbor: A Seventeenth-Century Chinese Story Collection, by Aina the Layman with Ziran the Eccentric Wanderer and edited by Robert Hegel 253

Andrej FECH, The Wenzi: Creativity and Intertextuality in Early Chinese Philosophy, by Paul van Els 255

Liangyan GE, A Study of Two Classics: A Cultural Critique of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms and The Water Margin, by Liu Zaifu and translated by Shu Yunzhong 259

Robert E. HEGEL, Writing for Print: Publishing and the Making of Textual Authority in Late Imperial China, by Suyoung Son 262

HU Ying, Two Centuries of Manchu Women Poets: An Anthology, translated by Wilt L. Idema 265

Rania HUNTINGTON, Between History and Philosophy: Anecdotes in Early China, edited by Paul van Els and Sarah A. Queen 269

Alister INGLIS, Record of the Listener,by Hong Mai and translated by Ellen Zhang 273

Ling Hon LAM, The Six Records of a Life Adrift, translated by Graham Sanders 275

Anne E. MCLAREN, Records of the Three Kingdoms in Plain Language, translated, with Introduction and Annotations by Wilt L. Idema and Stephen H. West 278

Paul S. ROPP, Heroines of the Qing: Exemplary Women Tell Their Stories, by Binbin Yang 281

Pauli TASHIMA, The Commentarial Transformation of the Spring and Autumn, by Newell Ann Van Auken 285

Yanning WANG, Women’s Poetry and Poetics in Late Imperial China: A Dialogic Engagement, by Yang Haihong 287

Hans van ESS, The Book of Lord Shang. Apologetics of State Power in Early China, edited and translated by Yuri Pines. Shangjun shu. Schriften des Fürsten von Shang, translated, with annotations by Kai Vogelsang 291

Yue WU, Gender, Power, and Talents: The Journey of Daoist Priestesses in Tang China, by Jinhua Jia 296

Binbin YANG, Herself an Author: Gender, Agency, and Writing in Late Imperial China, by Grace S. Fong 298

Zhenjun ZHANG, Tales from Tang Dynasty China: Selections from the Taiping guangji, edited by Alexei Kamran Ditter, Jessey Choo, and Sarah M. Allen 302

Zhenjun ZHANG, The Drunken Man’s Talk: Tales from Medieval China, translated by Alister Inglis 304

James M. HARGETT, “Song Dynasty Literature and Culture.” A Special Issue of the Journal of Chinese Literature and Culture, edited by Ronald Egan 307

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