Communication and the Public 4.1

Communication and the Public has just published its first issue of 2019 (vol. 4, no. 1). It contains articles by Christian Fuchs, Lianrui Jia, Chang Sup Park, Moran Yarchi, Falk Hartig, Hanna E. Morris and Raka Sen. Please see the table of contents below.

  1. Revisiting the Althusser/E. P. Thompson-Controversy: Towards a Marxist theory of communication
    By Christian Fuchs

  2. What public and whose opinion? A study of Chinese online public opinion analysis
    By Lianrui Jia

  3. The mediating role of political talk and political efficacy in the effects of news use on expressive and collective participation
    By Chang Sup Park

  4. ISIS’s media strategy as image warfare: Strategic messaging over time and across platforms
    By Moran Yarchi

  5. Review Essay:
    A review of the current state of research on China’s international image management By Falk Hartig

  6. Book Review: The progress of this storm: Nature and society in a warming world
    By Hanna E. Morris

  7. Book Review: Climate Leviathan: A political theory of our planetary future
    By Raka Sen

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