Connecting the Dots through Guo Baochang

Connecting the Dots Through Guo Baochang 郭宝昌: A Symposium at the U of Chicago

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If you are in the Chicago area please join us for this event:

Connecting the Dots Through Guo Baochang 郭宝昌:
Contemporary Chinese Opera, Film, TV
University of Chicago, February 21-23, 2019

This 3-day program, February 21-23, 2019, will investigate the relationship between Peking Opera, film, and TV in the oeuvre of Guo Baochang’s work as a renowned Chinese director.  The program includes two evening screenings with Q&A/panel discussions, and a two-day symposium with leading scholars on the interrelationship between contemporary Chinese opera, film, and TV. Details at

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