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Source: Sup China (12/4/18)
Chinese Language

China rules / Language Log

“For the last few weeks, the New York Times has been running a hyped-up, gushing series of lengthy articles under the rubric ‘China rules.’ On a special section in the paper edition for Sunday, November 25, they printed this gigantic headline in Chinese characters — and made a colossal mistake.” Times editor Phil Pan responded in the comments.

“I’m so qiou” – The new Chinese ‘character of the year’ is ‘dirt-poor & ugly’ / What’s on Weibo
“A new Chinese character, created by netizens, has become all the rage on social media this week. The character is a combination of two characters, namely ‘穷’ (qióng) and ‘丑’ (chǒu). The first (穷) literally means ‘poor,’ whereas the second (丑) is used to describe something ugly.”

These are China’s top ten words of the year / Radii China

Chinese magazine Yǎowén Jiáozì 咬文嚼字, which is translated variously as “Correct Wording” and “Chewing Words,” turns a critical eye to the misuse and abuse of language in Chinese society. It has released its top 10 popular words of 2018 list, which are explained by Radii China.

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