‘Simple’ guide to Xi Jinping Thought (1)

Better than the SCMP article is this piece from Inkstone:


I strongly recommend Prof. Carrico’s essay recounting his personal study of Xi Jinping Thought:


He also comments on the mind-map for a website in New Zealand:


What strikes me about this “map” is that its top-level organization appears to be spurious. The central box, which in a mind-map is supposed to be a root concept, is only the chart’s title. The thirty principal topics are numbered, but is there any intrinsic sequence to the ideas? (Except perhaps for the self-referential #1, which states that XJP Thought must guide the Party and the Nation for the long term.)  Also, is there any actual association connecting topics that have been printed in the same color?  The biggest problem, of course, is that a mind-map with 30 top-level domains offers the viewer no fundamental structure by which to grasp it.

As some wag commented: The Emperor’s new mind . . .

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