Xinjiang bibliography updated

F.y.i.: the Xinjiang bibliography posted here earlier, is now online, and updated: It will be updated again later.

BTW, this new video, “Are Muslim Uyghurs being brainwashed by the Chinese state? Eye-witnesses and human rights experts claim up to 1 million people are being held in ‘re-education camps’ in China.” – BBC Newsnight, Published on Aug 30, 2018,

According to eyewitness accounts in this video, victims imprisoned in the Xinjiang camps face the erasure of not just their ethnicity and religion, but their dignity and personalities:

“Like robots … they were like someone who lost their memory after a car crash…” one of them says, of people he used to know, seeing them after they’ve been broken in the camps.

This brings to mind Primo Levi describing the inmates of Auschwitz (If This Is A Man, etc.).

Another similarity to those camps, is that the authorities deny their existence. They know, somehow, what they are doing is a crime. Thus the secrecy — and the blockade against journalists and other outside observers. And there is no end in sight. It is time to ask if mass killings are about to start. It could be the next step.

As has been noted, almost no-one leaves the camps so far. Only a few refugees who avoided capture, like Sayragul Sauytbay, the ethnic Kazach Xinjiang schoolteacher who was about to be sent to the camps (;


Magnus Fiskesjö,

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