Lexicopedia Manchu

Online Lexicopedia Manchu

The team of Manc.hu would like to make you aware of the online Manchu lexicopedia BULEKU.org . Although still in beta, it is already ready to use.

It now includes Jerry Norman’s Comprehensive Manchu-English Dictionary, as well as the Qing Mirror lexicon of the Qianlong court. Over 20 modern and Qing-contemporary lexicons will follow in the coming months. For this project, Manc.hu works together with Helsinki University, Tohoku University (K-dic database), Georgetown University at Qatar, Leiden University, as well as ca. ten database volunteers.

So, for anyone learning or reading Manchu sources, try BULEKU.org. It works on any device. For questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to email fresco@buleku.org

Team Manc.hu,
Léon Rodenburg
Fresco Sam-Sin <fresco@manc.hu>

PS: if you wish to follow the addition of sources, then follow our FB Manc.hu

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