Ming Qing Studies 2017

We are very pleased to inform you about the recent issue of Ming Qing Studies 2017, edited by Prof. Paolo Santangelo (Sapienza University of Rome).

Please find more information on Ming Qing Studies and the Call for Papers for the next issue at:

https://sites.google.com/site/mqsweb/home and

You can purchase a copy of Ming Qing Studies 2017 at:

or write the publishing house at: info@aracneeditrice.it.




FU MENGXING, Tales of the New Strange: Wang Tao’s Zhiguai Writing (1880-1890).

BARTOSZ KOWALSKI, Holding an Empire together: Army, Colonization and State-building in Qing Xinjiang.

LIN HSUEH-YI, Local History and National Politics in the Reconstructions of the Donglin Academy.

LIN ZHIHUI, The Speaking Garment: Clothes in Women’s Everyday Practice in Ming-Qing China.

YIU CHUNLAM CHARLOTTE, The Concept of Qing in Honglou meng (Part II) – Historical Inheritance.


TOMMASO PREVIATO. Schorkowitz, Dittmar and Chia, Ning, eds. (2017) Managing Frontiers in Qing China: The Lifanyuan and Libu Revisited.

PAOLO SANTANGELO. Handler-Spitz, Rivi (2017) Symptoms of an Unruly Age: Li Zhi and Cultures of Early Modernity.

PAOLO SANTANGELO. Zou Ying (2016) “Talent, Identity, and Sociality in Early Qing Scholar-Beauty Novels”.

We thank you very much for your kind attention and we remain at your disposal for any further information or assistance.

Many wishes for a Happy New Year from prof. Paolo Santangelo and MQS staff.

M.Paola Culeddu <paolo.santangelo@uniroma1.it> and Tommaso Previato <tommaso.previato@icloud.com>

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