Walk on the Wild Side: Snapshots of the Chinese Poetry Scene

MCLC Resource Center is most pleased to announce publication of “Walk on the Wild Side: Snapshots of the Chinese Poetry Scene,” by Maghiel van Crevel. With its 143 mini-chapters and lavish illustrations, this is the longest and most ambitious piece we’ve published to date in our online publication series. Though written in a non-academic style that makes it accessible to a general readership, it is filled with details of interest to academic specialists in contemporary Chinese poetry. The essay can be read online at:


It is also available as a pdf download. Go to the link above, and click “DOWNLOAD IN PDF FORMAT” near the top of the page.

I want to thank Professor van Crevel for sharing with us his deep insights into the contemporary Chinese poetry scene.

Happy holidays,

Kirk A. Denton
Editor, MCLC

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