Digital Library of Chinese Theatre

Dear all,

The Pilot of Digital Library of Chinese Theatre is ready to be viewed:

I hope this will be of some use for your teaching, research and practical work in the theatre.
The project is supported by the AHRC grant for the Leeds-based international research network ‘Staging China’ and the ‘Language and Culture for the New Generation of Leading Researchers in East Asian Studies: Partnerships, Networks and Training’.

There are only 40 productions covering about 20 theatrical genres (since it is merely a pilot) but there are a few highlights, for example,

1.    There are 11 different productions of The Orphan of Zhao, including modern spoken drama, regional song-dance theatre, opera and covering works from 4 countries, China, Nigeria, Korea and Britain (Royal Shakespeare Company’s 2012-13 work).
2.    For the Chinese regional song-dance theatres, we put a map for each genre to show the areas where the genres are popular.
3.    Important writings are bilingual English and Chinese. We are adding more Chinese onto it.
I’m sorry for writing such a non-personal email like this. Please forgive me as I have not recovered from the problem of Ramsay-Hunt Syndrome. It is a nasty illness.
Please have a look and help me circulate widely. If you discover any errors, please let us know.

Much obliged and great many thanks!
Li, Ruru
Professor of Chinese Theatre Studies
School of Languages, Cultures and Societies
University of Leeds
Tel 44 113 343 3469 Email:

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