Ming Qing Studies 2016

Ming Qing Studies 2016
Edited by Paolo Santangelo (Sapienza University of Rome)

9788854899360We are glad to inform you that the new edition of Ming Qing Studies 2016 has been finally issued. Digital and hard copies can be purchased on-line at “Aracne Editrice” (see contents below)

Ming Qing Studies is a yearly publication, both on line and in printed form, which continues the positive experience of Ming Qing Yanjiu edited by Paolo Santangelo. Thanks to the cooperation of several scholars settled in Italy and abroad, it intends to widen the debate on the historical and cultural issues of late imperial China as well as pre-modern and modern East Asia. Although this publication focuses on late imperial China, its scope is broadened to the whole East Asia area, with its new cultural and anthropological features which are manifested in this fundamental period of transition from local to global history.



Prof. Paolo Santangelo (paolo.santangelo@uniroma1.it)
Dr. M. Paola Culeddu (paola.culeddu@uniroma1.it)
Dr. Tommaso Previato (tpreviato@mail.ihp.sinica.edu.tw)

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13 Tian Yiheng’s Shi Nüshi and its Influence on the Authorship of the Tang Poem “Presented to Pei Siqian”, By LOREDANA CESARINO

27 The Trauma of the Literati Self during the Ming-Qing Transition, by CHEN DADAN

67 What was Tolerated? The Reinterpretation of the Edict of Toleration of 1692, by CHEN YUFANG

87 Explorations of Desire: Monsters, Horror and Enchantment in Pu Songling’s Liaozhai Zhiyi, by SARAH DODD

107 ‘Angels of Vengeance’: The Influence of Russian Anarchist and Populist Movement on the Chinese Revolutionary Discourse during the Last Decade of the Qing Dynasty, by GAIA PERINI

135 Literary Reactions to the Taiping Rebellion (1853-1864): A Study of the Poetry of Jiang Chunlin (1818-1868), by TSUI WAI

189 Picturing Lin Daiyu: Honglou Meng across Media, by WU I-HSIEN

211 The Concept of Qing in Honglou Meng (Part 1) – Historical Inheritance, by YIU CHUNLAM CHARLOTTE

267 Thinking through the Heart of a Child: Luo Jinxi on Body and Ritual, by ZHENG ZEMIAN


289 The Socio-Cultural Interaction between Russia and China in the 17th-early 20th Centuries. Some Observations Inspired by a Monograph by Nikolaj Samojlov, by ANNA DI TORO


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