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This month I participated in a great conference at Stockholm University called The China Dream. There were very impressive panels on film and media culture. We also had a few interesting papers on recent literature, in particular science fiction, as well as novels by female authors. My presentation was on current poetry by Yi Sha 伊沙 from Xi’an and Xu Jiang 徐江 from Tianjin, as well as about collective dreams of literary ventures centred around these two authors. I have decided to put a preliminary version of my paper online. Yi Sha started to write a series of poems based on recording his own dreams in 2011. I have translated many of these DREAMS into English and German in the last few years. In preparation for the conference, I did a batch from the first 50. See my blog:


The first volume of my translations of Yi Sha’s poetry has just appeared in a bilingual edition (Chinese-German) at fabrik.transit publishing here in Vienna. The book is called ÜBERQUERUNG DES GELBEN FLUSSES 車過黄河 and includes poems from 1988-2009. It can be ordered in any bookstore throughout Germany, Switzerland and Austria, or from the publishers. Their website is www.fabriktransit.net

The second volume of LEUCHTSPUR has just come out. This is the German version of PATHLIGHT 《路灯》 magazine, printed in China by People’s Literature 人民文学 and Foreign Language Press 外文出版社. LEUCHTSPUR 2 contains fiction by Ma Yuan 马原, Deng Yiguang 邓一光, Shi Shuqing 石舒清, Xu Zechen 徐则臣, Zhong Qiushi 钟求是, Xiao Hang 晓航 and Zhao Zhiming 赵志明. There is a bilingual section with poems by Wang Xiaoni 王小妮, Bai Ma 白玛, Xi Chuan 西川 and Yi Sha 伊沙.

If you want a copy, you can get in China, as well as via some internet portals that sell Chinese books. I have been promised a shipment of this new edition. Within Europe, I may be able to send out copies, in exchange for 12 Euro or so, which should cover shipment. Drop me an Email in September.

And there is a book with my own poetry coming out in September. Trilingual edition, so to speak. DER MOND MUSS PERFEKT SEIN/ SHE MUST BE PERFECT/ 不敢不完美. Also at fabrik.transit, see their website mentioned above.


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