Chinese Poetry, Chinese Dreams

Source: China Daily (6/20/16)
Poetry contest dreams to be world record
By Xing Yi (

Poetry contest dreams to be world record

Poet Yu Xiuhua. [Photo provided to China Daily]

“Chinese Poetry, Chinese Dream”, a six-month program promoting poetry-writing among the public, was launched on Saturday, an effort to become a Guinness record for “largest poetry competition”. “Poetry has a long history in China, and we are proud to tell the world that nowadays Chinese people not only live a prosperous life in the material world, but also have a culture that is deep and profound,” said Bao Yan, the chief planner of the program.

The official Guinness World Records judge Wu Qiong attended the launch and started the countdown. Through Nov 30, people can submit their poems to participate in setting the world record.

During the launching ceremony, the program also revealed four lists of poets, praising those who are considered influential, with superior impact and writing in vernacular verse.

The prizes were received by 23 poets including 91-year-old poet and educator Liu Zheng, farmer and poet with cerebral palsy Yu Xiuhua, and well-known online poet An Hongbo.

According to the organizing committee, this is a program held biannually. The previous programs held in 2012 and 2014 received around 150,000 submissions, and people participated through online and offline activities totaled more than 50 million.

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