Comparative Literature and World Literature 1.1

I would like to announce publication of the inaugural issue of Comparative Literature and World Literature?

Dian Li <>

Online version:

Comparative Literature & World Literature, Vol. 1, No. 1, Spring 2016

Table of Contents

Editorial Foreword, by Liu Hongtao and Cao Shunqing, China

Poetry-Universal? Progressively So? On World Poetry, by Haun Saussy, USA

Comparative Literature in India: A Historical Overview, by Subha Chakraborty Dasgupta, India

Post-Mao Chinese Literature as World Literature: Struggling with the Systematic and the Allegorical, by   Shi, Donglai,   UK

On Multiculturalism: The Dialogue between Yue Daiyun and Roger T. Ames, by Yue Daiyun & Roger T Ames,  China/U.S.

Where is Comparative Literature Going: An Interview with Professor Susan Bassnett, by Zhang Cha and Susan Bassnett,  China/UK

César Domínguez, Haun Saussy and Darío Villanueva (eds): Introducing Comparative Literature: New Trends and Applications. 169 pp. London and New York: Routledge, 2015, reviewed by Cao Shunqing, China

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