Vol. 27, no. 2 of MCLC, special issue on Hong Shen

27.2I’m happy to announce the imminent publication of vol. 27, no. 2 (fall 2015) of MCLC, a special issue guested edited by Siyuan Liu and Xiaomei Chen and entitled Hong Shen and the Modern Mediasphere in Republican-Era China. This special issue is the culmination of a project on Hong Shen that we began at Ohio State University back in 2012. The project included: a student revival production of an English-language play–The Wedded Husband–that Hong Shen wrote and produced while he was a student at Ohio State in the late 1910s; publication of a DVD of that student production and an accompanying book with the script of the play, a Chinese translation, and short essays on Hong Shen by Siyuan Liu, who directed the play, and Man He, who produced it; and a symposium on Hong Shen and his place in the cultural world of Republican China.

By the way, the booklet/DVD set is available for sale at:


Wouldn’t this make a wonderful Christmas present! And you would be supporting the MCLC cause at the same time!  Please consider purchasing a set.

Find below the Table of Contents of the special MCLC issue, with links to abstracts of all the essays. The Introduction, by Siyuan Liu, can be downloaded as a pdf. My thanks to the guest editors for all their hard work.

To purchase individual copies of the issue or subscribe to the journal, please contact SHI Jia (mclc@osu.edu). Information on subscriptions can be found here. If your school library does not subscribe, please try to convince your librarian to open a subscription. Those of you who are subscribers should be receiving issues within a few weeks.

Happy Holidays,
Kirk A. Denton
Editor, MCLC

Volume 27, Number 2 (Fall 2015): Special Issue on Hong Shen 洪深 and the Modern Mediasphere in Republican-Era China


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