Final Blog Post

I have learned a plethora of things in this course. I learned how to use online tools and sourcs to my advantage. I have found many new sites and tools that are very helpful to me in the future. I have larned alot about myself. I learned that anything is possible,  if I just take my time and set my mind to it.  I also have learned many new skills on how to study.  The most meaningful experience in this course was taking the time management surveys before and after. Both surveys really gave me a helpful insight on how I have improved from the begining of this semester. The most important thing I have learned is that in order to start using my time more effectively, setting goals helps. Goals for me, helps me figure out what exactly  needs to be done and in what order. Also by setting these goals I know how to management my time around these goals in order to achive them. Lastly, nothing beats the feeling of completetion of a goal you have set. It only encourages me to create more goals and reach them. In the future all of the skills I learned in this class will come in handy. This class taught me how to prioritize the correct and effective way. I now know how to balance a sucessful college life between sports, school, and social life. When studying, applying for a job, playing a sport I learned that by making a mental “to-do” list or even a physical one can help you be sucessful. For example when I study I now study my most diffcult subject or task first follow by easiest. That way I’ll be freesh and have more enegery to handle the rest of the easy stuff. Also weekly reviews are important, I learned that even though I may understand something in the momement that it is very helpful to review over new material weekly. This especially came in handy durning finals week. Rather then craming and trying to relearn a semester’s worth of material in one night I learned that breaking up the material over time and learning it in small blocks, will make the over all final easier. Whatever I decide to be, in the coporate world time is one of the most precious assets. Effective time management invovles plannig the amount of time you spend on all your task of running not just a bsiness but your personal life as well in the most effective and productive manner. Lastly flexiablity is very important, being flexiable is one of the most important traits I can carry into my future. I learned that life unforuntely, does not go according to plan and it is important for you to be able to make the proper adjustments. Time management is a huge part of managaing yourself. With the plethora of resources this class has allowed me to have access to, I now know how to plan and achive my goals. Before I felt that my life was chaotic and that I would never be able to break my strong procrasnation habits. I would often feel frustrated and confused as to why I cant be productive, but now I  have learned that I can be a productive student with great time managing skills, all it takes is discpline. I am happy I tooked this class, and  got all that I could out of it



Module 6

This week’s leason focused on online learning strategies and skills, mainly focusing on different strategies and techniques  on searching and researching online. Since we are in school, we are required not only to write an abudence of academic papers but also read a numerous amount as well. Determining what makes a source credible is cruical to not only your college life but the rest of your future. First you need to determine the reliability of the online source. You can look for things such as if the contact info is available? the credentials of author? and consider the reputation of publisher/organization? Also it is important to consider the quality of the source. Its important to see if the article is up to date? well written? biased? consistent? all of these ideas are important to consider when determining whether or not this article is crediable. Lastly, paying attention to the utility of the article is important as well, things such as: is this article related to my topic? is it to the appropriate audience? is there enough or too much detail? Also the module covers the topic of Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a user-generated, editable, online encylocpedia. In other words, it can be very imformative but the credabity is on the fence. Mainly because ANYONE can edit it. Overall, I felt that the most important thing in this Module was how to determine the credibility of an source. I believe that most students my age are able to know how to cite things correctly by now, the hard part is whether or not the thing you are citing is legitment.

Module 5

Module 5 covers web-enhanced listening & viewing strategies. the Module breaks down the different methods you should take notes that pertain to the various forms a lecture can be presented. For example, when it comes to taking notes on a power point lecture it is helpful to go ahead beforehand and print off the slides before the class. That way when taking notes you personalize the teachers lecture slides to your doing. It is also nice to break up the Power Point slides into different sections, by organizing it in certain groups it can prevent you from getting confused and lost when you decide to refrence these notes again. It is important to focus on the lecturer on what he/she says, since you already have the text printed in front of you, it will be easier to write down examples of anything they go into detail on.  I thought these tips were important because the most popular method of lectures at The Ohio State University is off power point slides.

When listening or watching a video or any type of audio it is important that you outline or organize your notes so that you will not lose track of all the information. One method of note taking I thought was the most helpful is the Cornell Method. The Cornell Method specializes in working off of cues, examples, questions, and summaries. By picking up on certain cues it can help you remember infomation easier, the same goes with examples. Examples and questions provide a sense of clarity, to test yourself to see if you really know the material you are being lectured on. Lastly, summarzing is very important. Summarizing allows you to gather all of your infomation and focus on the main points you learned.

There are many differnet types of technology that can help you enhance your note taking skills, such as OneNote,  mind maps, lecture recorders, wikis and much more. As well as many online sources to help improve your note taking skills.

Educational Video

The video I chosed is about the National Debt and what exactly is the national debt. The national debt was born in 1790, when the United State’s new government decided to take over the $75 milliion spent in the Revolutionary War. Alexander Hamilton the United States first Secretary of the Treasury wanted the federal debt to provide a reason to establish taxes to help fund and support the United States. The debt countine to rise after the war of 1812, and by the Civil war in 1866 we were in debt up to three billion dollars. By World War One the debt from the Civil war had yet to be paid off, and the national debt countine to rise and rise. The deficit is the amount of money we overspend each year. The U.S Treasury sells bonds, bills, notes, and saving bonds to help finance the debt. The United State government promises to pay the owner interest plus the value of each bond at a later date.

I believe that this video is a very important learning tool, especially in this current day in age. Lately, there has been alot of talk in the news, social media, etc about the national debt and deficit. Many people students my age have no idea what exactly the national debt or deficit is, and as being a firm political advocator I think it is important for students to stay informed. Although, this video is for little kids, it does a great job at hitting all the major points about the debt. It puts a great emphasis that we have been in debt for a long time, and that no one president or party is responsible for our spending. Hopefully this video informs students who may had been unawared of our federal spending.



Module 4 Reflection

Module 4 covers online learning strategies and skills. It provides us with many tips and stategies that can help you be sucessful in not just school but throughout your life. For example when it comes to reading online there are a few steps you can take before, diving into the text that may benefical. For starters make sure you know what exactly you are reading for and that the enviornment you are in is study friendly. That could mean eleminating distractions such as loud noise, certain people, and other things that may be a distraction. Once you do that, you are ready to dive into the actual reading. While reading it is helpful to highlight or underline important points and key words, also it is useful to try and summarize each section so you can really make sure you are taking away something from the text.  After you are done reading it is very helpful to sumarize and reflect upon what you just read; that way you can keep your thoughts organized.  Besides being an active reader you can also be an active studier. It is important to make sure your studying habits cater to all of your needs. There are many different studying tools online, typically the more creative the more likely it is to stick in your brain. I personally like interactive webistes such as Timetoast, Quizlet, Infographics, and many more. All of these webistes allow you to interact and create your own special personalized notes, that you can study in a variety of ways.

Module 3 Reflections

Module 3
covers communication techniques while using technology. Being the generation consumed by technology “netiquette” is very important to know how to use the internet properly. Especially  being a college student you are regularly communicating with professors, furture employers, and other authortive firgures. Some tips I learned were advoiding sarcasm, using all caps, and using slangs. Though it may be hard to resist breaking these habits, there are some major pay offs. For example, it is less intiminating to email your professor a question you may have felt embaressed to ask in class, or just having a written comfirmation on record. Though there are some pay offs from emailing your professor there are some cons, such as the non verbal cues and misunderstanding. Disscusion post are also very informative, they help build communication and comprehension skills. The same goes with Disscusion post replies help demostrate your ideas and thoughts in a constructive manor. It is helpful while writing or replying to a disscusion post to use spell check, create a approiate header, and re-reading your work. Nothing is worst than trying to prove a point, or convey a message and their is numerous spelling errors.  Lastly when it comes to online collberation such as group projects that invovle blog post or any other forms of technology, it is important to make sure you set goals, and make sure you meet them, gather infomation and ideas, and create an calander for future due dates. Over all, modudle 3 explains how to use proper” netiquette” and communication skill to help you be sucessful not just in your college career but in your overall life. Continue reading