G.O.A.L.S. Statement

As soon as I moved in, I felt I immediately began to expand on the global awareness aspect of the G.O.A.L.S. as Ohio State is naturally a much more globally and culturally diverse place than my hometown. Living, learning and conversing with so many people of different religions, backgrounds, origins, economic status, etc. has given me a taste of numerous new cultures and perspectives. As with most freshmen, exploring outside of the norms of where I grew up has been very beneficial, especially now realizing just how “bubbled” my community and district is at home. I hope to continue to gain global perspective through social interaction, but just as much in academics. As a Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) major, I have the opportunity to take classes that study and analyze not only the political and statistical side of our rapidly changing world, but also how different cultures interact and respond to many of these issues. It is with these courses that I hope to strengthen my own personal beliefs and views while also being exposed to other opinions in order to filter out as much bias and as many misconceptions as possible. Additionally, a number of the classes I am currently taking are discussion based, which allows conversation among a multitude of opinions. This exposes me to many points of view I never considered before, as well as allows me to defend my beliefs which helps strengthen my reasoning behind them. With all of this, I hope to craft the most educated views for myself that I can. Besides the academic enrichment of classes regarding my major, I also am excited to explore educational fields never presented to me before. There are many interests I have that are not directly related to my major, and I am looking forward to taking classes that feed my curiosity on those subjects. There were certain elective classes in primary education I was eager to take and enjoyed, but it was not until now I feel I have true control over what type of education I am working towards. Instead of taking a number of classes solely to fulfill requirements with elective classes scattered within, the course opportunities at Ohio State will allow me to craft an academic plan in which I am able to study and indulge myself in fields I am primarily interested in. Along with classroom education, the outside opportunities, including research, internships, etc. help fulfill the original inquiry aspect of the G.O.A.L.S. For the first time, I am able to contribute and delve into unanswered questions within my fields of interest. Instead of leaving Ohio State with only a degree, I hope to have gained real-world experience within my subject and possibly study a topic or issue not many have ever considered before. I understand as a freshman, not all of these opportunities may be available or apply quite yet, but as I progress through the years I feel I will become fully prepared to take and execute them when the time comes. In the meantime, I am excited to explore the numerous student organizations and extracurricular activities here at Ohio State. I feel this is where I am able to contribute to the Ohio State community the most, as I can put what I have learned in the classroom to use. Engaging with not only campus but Columbus as well through things like public policy and city government work is something I am looking forward to as I continue my exploration of the educational fields. Aside from my career aspirations, I have been fortunate enough in finding a selection of clubs and organizations that apply to my interests outside of academia including media and comedy, among other things. I am glad to be able to participate in activities that fulfill my recreational desire, but this is not to say these will not benefit to my overall education. Getting involved in some of these clubs early on provides opportunities to work my way up and potentially gain a leadership or more active position within them. The experience, organizational skills and communication work will all surely contribute overall and hone my ability to lead a group of my peers. Among all of these aspirations, I hope to better myself as an educated individual and set myself up to contribute to the world around me.